Whiskey in the Bottle? Maybe.

My latest experiment to accelerate the aging process of whiskey finally finished what I thought was a reasonable run. During the test, I learned I need to make some modifications to the mechanism as I ended up with a 40% loss to the angels. However, when tasting the batch after only one month of aging, it is literally as smooth as water.

That’s where I get nervous. One month should still have some burn or alcohol taste unless this experiment is much more of a success than I could have imagined. The chemical reactions can’t really have worked out according to plan this fast, right? Time to get out the hydrometer and test…

Except I’m moving right now. Buying my first house. And my hydrometer already went into storage in an unmarked box. With disassembling and bottling the experiment as one of the final steps in packing, I didn’t think about testing proof when the hydrometer went away.

So now I wait. Two weeks until we close on a beautiful Fort Lauderdale house, and in the meantime I impatiently wait. Once we’re in the house, first order of business will be evaluating if I’ve had a breakthrough in mellowing alcohol and need to only adjust timing or if I’ve somehow managed to separate the alcohol from water and evaporate only the alcohol without heat.

This next two weeks could, quite possibly, kill me with anticipation.

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